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Jeremy Clarkson Rapped By OfCom Over ‘Special Needs’ Comment On Top Gear

Hooray! This is great news, and one small step forward in a constant battle against disablism. Jeremy Clarkson hasn’t been sacked by the BBC yet, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he will be, but this OfCom ruling is definitely … Continue reading

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The Broken Of Britain

 Disability Voices team member Kali has just set up a brand new group blog called The Broken Of Britain. This blog comes shortly after the success of her Dear Prime Minister Videoblog, posted below. Its Homepage reads: To the disabled people of … Continue reading

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Dear Prime Minister

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Scope Protest The Spending Cuts

The spending cuts announced yesterday are going to disproportionally affect disabled people, that’s pretty much a given.  And the government admit that they haven’t done a full assessment of the affects on disabled people of these cuts.  Which is shocking and shouldn’t … Continue reading

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New Blog: Shout About It

Just a quick post to promote Shout About It, a brand new blog/forum for disability and illness issues. Do drop in and give them a shout!

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The Scope ‘Don’t Cut Us Out’ Facebook Flashmob

I’ve just read that as part of their ‘Don’t Cut Us Out’ campaign, Scope are doing something fun. They are holding a ‘Facebook Flashmob.’ Every Scope supporter throughout the UK is being asked to add Danny Alexander MP as a … Continue reading

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Virginia Ironside’s Comments on Sunday Morning Live

Yesterday, Virginia Ironside made comments on Sunday Morning Live (on the BBC) that she would smother a disabled child.  She said she would be the first to do so and that any good mother would.  You can see the video … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries Twitterfail… The Facebook Group

I have just set up this Facebook group which calls for Nadine Dorries to be removed as an MP. Please join it if you live in the UK and agree that she is too disablist to be in Parliament. This … Continue reading

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Twitter, Disabled People, Benefit Fraud… and Pubs

Following yesterday’s post, I find myself in the position of needing to write another rebuttal of something that Nadine Dorries has said. Guido Expose She provides a link to a blog where someone has found one of the tweeters she … Continue reading

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