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Facebook Petition To Stop George Osborne’s Attack On DLA

Anne Wollenberg has started this Facebook group, as a petition to stop George Osborne’s attack on DLA.  This campaign has the full support of the Disability Voices team, and we will follow it closely and keep you updated. Hopefully an … Continue reading

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DLA: Clearing Up Confusion

Originally posted at Benefit Scrounging Scum As there seems to be widespread confusion about yesterday’s budget changes to disability benefits it is worth restating certain facts before giving further opinion. The Chancellor, George Osbourne is proposing changes to Disability Living … Continue reading

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A Stitch In Time Can Sometimes Cost You Nine

On Sunday, over lunch, the subject of Disability Living Allowance came up. I know, I know. I need to get out more. But see what happens when I do? In depth discussions about welfare reform. In a Harvester of all … Continue reading

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This isn’t an easy topic to talk about.  But it’s one that definitely needs to be spread. There are growing concerns that legislation regarding assisted suicide and euthanasia will be altered meaning that both of these will become legal.  Certainly … Continue reading

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