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A Christmas Cartoon By Crippen

Thanks to Crippen, everyone’s favourite disabled cartoonist. Season’s Greetings from Disability Voices! Advertisements

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More Coverage For Sue Marsh’s DLA Rejection

Denial of campaigners benefit claim fuels DLA fears – — Sid Baility (@sidbaility) December 23, 2011

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Sue Marsh On Sue Marsh

Sue Marsh wrote about her own case yesterday in the Guardian. As usual, she is thinking of others before herself. She wants to tell everyone who has sent her supportive words that hers is only one story.

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The Guardian Have Covered Sue Marsh’s DLA Rejection

Sue Marsh’s DLA rejection has been covered by the Guardian in Patrick Butler’s Cutsblog and in today’s Society Daily. I’ve always said that mainstream press attention means we’re being noticed, so in my eyes, this is a small piece of … Continue reading

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Sue Marsh Denied DLA

After a lovely Saturday, I woke up this morning to terrible news. One of my favourite Disability Rights campaigners,  Sue Marsh, has been denied DLA. She explains more about this madness here. I wish there was more we could do … Continue reading

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A New Report By Kaliya Franklin And Sue Marsh

On the benefits scandal… Benefit Scrounging Scum: The Benefits Scandal – Soundings by Sue Marsh & Kaliya Franklin — BendyGirl (@BendyGirl) December 14, 2011  

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