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Emma describes herself as mouthy and independent, something she's very proud of as it helps her to campaign on disability issues which she is very passionate about. She loves knitting, sailing, swimming and reading. One day she'll be paid to be a writer a goal she's determined to make happen. In the meantime she writes and rambles in many places online including her blog,

The Twelve Days of Cripmas

Today the Christmas Single for The Broken of Britain and Where’s the Benefit was launched. It’s called The Twelve Days of Cripmas, a retake on a classic Christmas Carol, detailing all the cuts that disabled people have and are facing. … Continue reading

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Scope Protest The Spending Cuts

The spending cuts announced yesterday are going to disproportionally affect disabled people, that’s pretty much a given.  And the government admit that they haven’t done a full assessment of the affects on disabled people of these cuts.  Which is shocking and shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Virginia Ironside’s Comments on Sunday Morning Live

Yesterday, Virginia Ironside made comments on Sunday Morning Live (on the BBC) that she would smother a disabled child.  She said she would be the first to do so and that any good mother would.  You can see the video … Continue reading

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Twitter, Disabled People, Benefit Fraud… and Pubs

Following yesterday’s post, I find myself in the position of needing to write another rebuttal of something that Nadine Dorries has said. Guido Expose She provides a link to a blog where someone has found one of the tweeters she … Continue reading

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Twitter, Disabled People, and Benefit Fraud?

If you’ve been on Twitter today chances are you’ve heard about Nadine Dorries suggestion that disabled people who use Twitter should be reported to the DWP for benefit fraud. For those that don’t know, Nadine Dorries is a conservative MP. … Continue reading

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Don’t Cut Us Out

The forthcoming spending cuts are of concern to many people.  And there is real concern that these cuts may affect disabled people disproportionately, potentially increasing poverty and social exclusion. Scope have set up a campaign about this called Don’t Cut … Continue reading

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When Persistence Pays Off

This is a bit of a follow on to my Advocacy Tips post. One of the tips I gave in that post was to be persistent.  The example I gave was one of my local supermarkets.  My chair would only … Continue reading

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Advocacy Tips

One of my friends asked me to give her some lessons in how to advocate for yourself.  I don’t really consider myself an expert at that but I suppose I do speak up a lot and argue for my rights … Continue reading

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This isn’t an easy topic to talk about.  But it’s one that definitely needs to be spread. There are growing concerns that legislation regarding assisted suicide and euthanasia will be altered meaning that both of these will become legal.  Certainly … Continue reading

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