Disability Voices is a group blog run by some bloggers who between us have several years experience of blogging, campaigning, charity work and disability.

We are disabled people and their parents, family members and allies. We’re based in the UK.

We know that we all have a voice, and this is where we express it. We’ll be blogging, discussing and campaigning about and for disability issues, together.

Comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

1 Response to About

  1. Myrna says:

    Hi, my name is Myrna. I am based in the US…Atlanta GA. I have a nonprofit in the states called Abel 2, Inc. (pronounced “able to”). Anyway, we are forming and ensemble of awesome singers who happen to have physical disabilities. I welcome your perspective, advise and ideas. I realize that things in the US are VERY different than in the UK. However, I am hoping that since I am new to this space, you can help me identify and direct me to blog sites/groups of people around the world (including the US) who are doing what I seek to do here. We are a “small and emerging” nonprofit with big plans (smile)

    FYI – the mission of Abel 2, inc. is to meet the needs of underserved communities through music and art while protecting the environment – the foundation of music and art.

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