Holocaust Memorial Day- 70th Anniversary Vigil

Same Difference

From John McArdle

For Immediate Release: 70th anniversary Holocaust Memorial Day Vigil to Remember the 1,300 ‪#‎disabled‬ people who died after being sent back to work by the Government’s austerity regime.

Holocaust survivors, descendants of Holocaust survivors and people from across the UK challenging the deaths by austerity from the disabled community will march arm in arm down to 10 Dowing Street, the Department for Work and pensions, Maximus HQ (1) and the British Parliament. The protest – vigil is organised by by Never Again Ever!(2), Disabled People Against Cuts (3) & The Black Triangle Campaign(4)

The large banners state ‘Arbeit Macht Frei – Work Will Set You Free – Attitude is Alive and Well’ (5) and ‘ATOS Kills – never forget the Holocaust Black Traingle – we say ‘Never Again Ever!’’. The vigil exists to challenge the austerity cuts and the 1,300 people who have died unjustly after…

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