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Twitter, Disabled People, and Benefit Fraud?

If you’ve been on Twitter today chances are you’ve heard about Nadine Dorries suggestion that disabled people who use Twitter should be reported to the DWP for benefit fraud. For those that don’t know, Nadine Dorries is a conservative MP. … Continue reading

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Stop The DLA Takeaway

I learnt something¬† yesterday that came as a very unpleasant surprise. Did you know that a disabled child has their DLA suspended after 84 days in hospital? The family’s Carers Allowance is also suspended at this time. Forget for a … Continue reading

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Don’t Cut Us Out

The forthcoming spending cuts are of concern to many people. ¬†And there is real concern that these cuts may affect disabled people disproportionately, potentially increasing poverty and social exclusion. Scope have set up a campaign about this called Don’t Cut … Continue reading

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A Brand New Blog: Blue Badge Abuse

This is just a quick post to let you know about a brand new blog that has literally been set up today, called Blue Badge Abuse. It has been set up by some Blue Badge holders who are hoping to … Continue reading

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