Stop The DLA Takeaway

I learnt something  yesterday that came as a very unpleasant surprise. Did you know that a disabled child has their DLA suspended after 84 days in hospital? The family’s Carers Allowance is also suspended at this time.

Forget for a minute the extra financial costs of having a child in hospital, although of course these are very important and can never be completely ignored. Having a severely disabled child in hospital is extremely stressful emotionally for the child as well as the parent. Some families face the possibility of losing their child during hospital visits, others see their own and their child’s lives changed forever as serious illness leaves the child facing a more severe level of disability than they started with.

Neither of these situations are even slightly easy. That is why no family deserves the added stress of the loss of any money in such situations. I certainly wouldn’t want my parents to have to worry about losing benefits if I was ill in hospital. I think these rules need to change, and fast.

That is why I am letting you know about the Stop The DLA Takeaway campaign, which is calling for these rules to be scrapped. It is being run jointly by Contact A Family and The Children’s Trust. Please visit either website for more information.


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Samedifference1 celebrates differences and similarities between the DisAbility community and the rest of the world, most often through her writing, in the company of her laptop, which she'd be lost without. When not blogging, she reads or writes for any magazine desperate enough to publish her scribbles. She enjoys the company of old friends, good books and cats.
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One Response to Stop The DLA Takeaway

  1. Emma says:

    I believe the same happens for disabled adults as well or at least it used to.

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