Close Down The Spending Challenge Site!

On Friday, Chancellor George Osborne launched the Spending Challenge website, aiming to ask members of the public how they want the Government to make spending cuts.

Unfortunately, the site is already full of a long list of disablist  comments such as:

Why do we have to pay out large sums of money each month so that disabled individuals can drive around in big, brand new over priced mobility cars which are ‘Free’ to them on the motability shceme?

I propose to allow the disabled and sick population of the UK, the people who have desperately sought employment to no avail due to health and fluctuating patterns, please allow us the chance to forge a new and respected industry.  Let us be farmers, to grow cannabis needs a great deal of knowledge and expertise.  Some of us have had to learn through no fault of our own other than the fate we’ve been handed, so let us strive and seek much needed financial independence.

A medical marijuana industry with the disabled community at the core would be beneficial to all, we would have employment that would suit the needs of the housebound and fluctuating elements of most illnesses.  And of course, the need for benefits would drop thus aiding the country.

And: “Everything to do with disability in this country is a rip off.”

In response to the site, Benefits and Work have released a newsletter urging people to contact their MP, asking them to tell the Chancellor to close down the site, clean it up and not reopen it until it is properly moderated.

You can also make a complaint to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

The site in itself may be a good idea, but I completely agree that it needs proper, strict moderation. Such sites will only work if the public takes them seriously- not if Daily Mail readers fill them with rubbish!

The campaign to close down the site, then, has the full support of Disability Voices.


About samedifference1

Samedifference1 celebrates differences and similarities between the DisAbility community and the rest of the world, most often through her writing, in the company of her laptop, which she'd be lost without. When not blogging, she reads or writes for any magazine desperate enough to publish her scribbles. She enjoys the company of old friends, good books and cats.
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One Response to Close Down The Spending Challenge Site!

  1. Rebecca says:

    I wrote to the Equalities + Human Rights Commission and got the following response, which I thought others might be interested in seeing:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Thank you for contacting the Equality and Human Rights Commission regarding comments placed on Treasury website Spending Challenge.

    Unfortunately the issue is not within the scope of the Race Relations Act as it relates to comments made by individuals.

    The Treasury has a duty to monitor comments placed on their website therefore we have forwarded your email to the relevant department on your behalf.


    Helpline Adviser

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